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Every road or street in Glenfield should have a "co-ordinator" who keeps an eye out for any unusual or criminal type events in that area. He or she can be a focal point for the area and gets regular information from both Glenwatch and the local Police which can help prevent crime or bring to justice crimes which have been committed, thus making your area a safer place.

With over 4000 homes in Glenfield we need an average of about 200 coordinators to cover the village. At present we have about a hundred, so 50% of Glenfield is not covered.

So how do you know if your street has a coordinator? And the answer is you probably don't know, unless you have been contacted by your coordinator or by receiving our twice yearly newsletter. Lately the newsletter has been published in the Glenfield Gazette, a free magazine which is distributed to all homes in the area, so it won't be distributed by your coordinator in the future.

There is a myth that if there are Neighbourhood Watch signs on the lampposts then the area is covered. This is not the case - some signs are old and were put up prior to Glenwatch, whilst some coordinators leave the area or give up being coordinators due to ill health.

The ONLY way to check if you are covered is by contacting Glenwatch by phone or email or using the "Contact Us" form on this website.

Remember, your home insurance premiums may be lower if you are in a NHW scheme - and Glenwatch has been contacted about this.

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