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The Glenfield Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, known as Glenwatch, has been operational for a number of years and is a collective of several smaller street or community watches. The organisation is made up of volunteers who run Neighbourhood Watch for the residents of Glenfield.

And it is only as effective as the work put in by all the people who help, especially the co-ordinators of which we should have about 200 covering the 4500 properties in the village. We currently have about 100 co-ordinators - so we need more!. Remember, if your street is covered by Glenwatch, your home insurance premiums may well be reduced - contact Glenwatch to see if your area has a co-ordinator allocated to it.

Glenwatch has forged good links with local Police and the Parish Council in an effort to curb crime and anti-social behaviour.

Glenfield Parish Council kindly sponsors and funds Glenwatch's activities. You can visit Glenfield Parish Council's website by clicking here:

Why not come along to a Glenwatch meeting, these are held every three months at the Council Offices, Park House, Stamford Street. The meeting starts at 7.15pm and usually lasts about an hour.

One of our local Police Beat Team will be attending the meeting to give a police report and advise on current incidents.

Due to the Coronavirus, the meetings have currently been suspended.


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